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 what to expect

~You can expect to be respected and valued for the person  you are and the feelings you are experiencing.

~You can expect me to ‘walk beside you’ on your journey and for your wellbeing to be at the heart of our work.

~You can expect  us to spend time discussing how, where and when we will work together. Following this to receive a counselling agreement outlining our thoughts on this and making clear my legal obligations for our work to be carried out safely and ethically.

~You can expect to be offered a flexible service. We will agree together the most appropriate way of working giving full consideration to your finances, family life, work obligations and personal needs. You may like to try different ways of working such as by both email and face to face.

~You can expect my trustworthiness, confidentiality and kindness. As your counsellor I may challenge you in ways that are growthful, always with your wellbeing at the heart of our work together.

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